Meg Anderson is a multidisciplinary  performing artist drawing from a wide ranging training in contemporary and street dance, Meisner acting, physical storytelling, writing, and a myriad of choral music forms.


This diverse foundation informs her multidisciplinary solo and collaborative works manifesting in discographies, choreographies, creative writing, musicals, experimental theater, film, and immersive experiences. 

With a vulnerability described as “otherworldly,” she confronts her audiences with honesty, humor and grace.

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Current Projects include Big Gay Debutante Ball (both musical and a memoir), as well as some mini projects: weekly releases of flash fiction, music, and daily dances.



Current Projects



Big Gay Debutante Ball -- an unapologetic, one-woman musical exploring the journey of coming out and living out. Performed at San Francisco Queer Solo fest June 2019, Bloomington Academy of Film and Theater on National Coming out Day, October 11, 2019; The (online) PVD Fringe Festival June of 2020; and Indy Fringe Festival August of 2021. 

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Coming Soon



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